Divine Elements Belly Dance Company was formed in 2009 by Belly Dancers with a passion for their art.
All living in Australia, these dancers have many years experience performing and teaching
and are drawn to the creativity, expression and skill of the dance.
They will bring this to the audience, celebrating the diversity, joy and beauty of the art of Belly Dance.

The Art of Belly Dances has captivated people throughout the ages. Originally known as "Raqs Sharqi" or Oriental Dance
but collectively as "Belly Dance", this dance from the East has evolved from its sacred origins and has been fused
with many other dance styles.
With influences from the Middle East, Spain, India, Africa and American culture, the diversity of Belly Dance is just
enormous. Though this style has grown and changed, the essence of the dance remains the same.

Divine Elements Belly Dance Company has brought together a number of dancers from a variety of backgrounds but
all share a love and passion for the art which comes alive on the stage. Exciting rhythms and beautiful melodies will set
the pace while movement and colour will entice you along the journey.
Experience the power and grace of serpentine movements, pops, locks and shimmies.
From the breathtaking precision of the Sword Dance to the fire of the Gypsy Fusion, the earthiness of Tribal, to the dazzle of Cabaret and much more. From light and joyous to dark and mysterious, there is something for everyone!

Contact: regan@bellydancearabesque.com.au(Australia) or contact@thegarageinternational.com (overseas management)