LegLegend of the Sirens

1. description

Legend of the Sirens is a dance interpretation of the different myths of the Sirens using the Belly Dance genre including Classical and Tribal Belly Dance and Fusions of different styles. Beginning with the entrance of the Sirens and moving through a journey into different temptations until the dramatic finale where either temptress or tempted will meet their fate.

2. inspiration

The inspiration for this show has been the myths and legends surrounding the Sirens. Who were they and what they did, combined with the ideas of temptation and the artists muse. Everyone is tempted by something, joy, love, darkness, and the struggle between giving in to the temptation or fighting it. There is also an underlying story of power and prowess, the hunter and the hunted.

3. who would like the show

Anyone who loves dance, theatre and drama, this show is not just about a style of dance but about the interpretation of a common legend and a theme that everyone can relate to. It is suitable for all audiences.

4. why should you come?

Divine Elements are taking Belly Dance to the next level with story and theatre. The audience will be able to enjoy not only the dancing but the story telling, costuming and the music. If you thought you knew Belly Dance, think again!

The Legend of the Sirens comes to life in this story of temptation and fate. A spectacular of dance, music and storytelling.

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