.VasantaMala Indian Dance Institute - Kyoto

VasantaMala Indian Dance Institute

Located inbetween the Golden Pavilion and the Daitokuji Temple in the Northern side of Kyoto.

A short walk to either of the 2 beautiful places.

Get off at Senbon Kitaoji bus stop and walk north on Senbon Street till you come to the first traffic lights.

There is the Buddhist University.
Accross the street you will find our orange red brick building with a sculpture of Shakti dancing.

Beginners, intermediate, advanced and childrens classes.   FOR ALL AGES!

Classes consist of body exercises and the 45 basic steps of Bharata
Natyam, classical Indian Hindu Temple Dance.  Folk dances and
classical dances are also taught.

Our basement studio where classes are held

Founder and director of the VasantaMala Indian Dance Institute, VasantaMala.

Registration Fee- 10,000 yen
Monthly fees -

8,000 yen (once a week / 4 times a month)
16,000 yen (twice a week/ 8 times a month)

Private classes also on request.
Inquire for details.

Call:  075 492 7972
Email:  Vasanta@shakti.jp