By travelling extensively in the Nullarbor and also flying over it in a small aeroplane many times.
Video footage and photos were taken then while we (Jorg & Shakti) explored the Nullarbor plains camping out in the old Nullarbor roads in the middle of summer. Days went by where not another person nor vehicle were seen.

Footage of Shakti dancing wild, free and naked in the outback were taken without plans but just on the spur of the moment when the timing was ripe. The idea of the Nullarbor Nymph started to form.

Questions popped into our minds. And we looked for the answers in the Nullarbor.

The Nullarbor Nymph was born.

And the Nullarbor Nymph continues to run.



Find out how the show had evolved.
In Kyoto we fused it with the ancient Indian Vedic myth and the concept of karma/ reincarnation.

From the Vedas to the Nullarbor, the Nymph continues to live on.

She may appear in many different forms but she is always there.

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