* Description of the show.

A dance performance using projections and multi media about the iconic Australian myth of the Nullarbor Nymph. Myth, truth or hoax? Whatever it was it captured the imagination of all. The show is a world premiere and is site made for the NACC theatre. The whole space is the stage (the Nullarbor). Projections will be along the side walls as well as the stage. Projections of the Nullarbor, of the dancer dancing in the outback (filmed in the outback) and scientific lidar data will be used.

* What has inspired the show

We have travelled extensively in the Nullarbor plains for holidays as well as for work doing scientific research by car and
in a small aeroplane. We've camped out in the middle of the Nullarbors in the full moon nights and have driven the old
roads leading to nowhere and everywhere. The Nullarbor Plains are full of mysteries. From the plains to the coast the Nullarbor promises to capture you. It is not to just drive through. It is a place to explore the infinite mysteries and magic
that is Australia past, present and future.
I found that the Nullarbor Nymph exists within us all.

* Who should see the show?

1. All Australians - because it is part of our culture. Nullarbor Nymph is not an indigenous myth but a wonderfully man-made hoax that took off and created a life of its own. Once it started, there was no stopping it. It is full of fun.

2. All non-Australians - because it delves into what our country is.

3. All women - because we all have the nymph inside us. Just imagine the wild feeling of running naked across the plains!

4. All men - because what man wouldn't love to see that ?

*Why should people see the show?

To recognise the rich abundance of land that exists right next door to us that joins South Australia and Western Australia . To recognise the nymph that exists within us.

And most important, to find answers to all the questions.

The Nullarbor Nymph runs.

Who is she running from?
What is she running to?
When will she arrive?
Where is she going?
How will she get there?
Why is she running?

These are the very same questions we should ask ourselves.
The show deals with the questions. The audience must find the answers themselves

Shakti has won - Spirit of the Fringe (Edinburgh) 1996 and 2000/ Japan Festival Award (London) 2001 / All Japan
Dance Contest / Kyoto Prefectural Government Art and Culture Medal of Honour/

She has also been nominated as Top 3 for Newsweek's pick of "100 Japanese the World Respects"
(and Shakti was not even Japanese!) Shakti is now an Australian citizen.

Jorg Hacker - (projections / lighting design) is founder and director of Australia 's only National Airborne Research
Facility. He has many awards in the international science world of Airborne Research. He is also Associate Professor
at Flinders University.

The Nullarbor Nymph runs.

From who?
To what?
Don't know. Do you?
She just continues to run.
It's the Nullarbor Nymph past, present, future and forever.