Nullarbor Nymph a dance performance using projections and multi media about the iconic Australian myth of the Nullarbor Nymph. Myth, truth or hoax? Whatever it was it captured the imagination of all. The show was a world premiere in Adelaide 2012 and site made for the NACC theatre. The whole space is the stage (the Nullarbor).
Projections were along the side walls as well as the stage.
Projections of the Nullarbor roads, of the dancer dancing in the outback (filmed in the outback), scientific data, graphs and lidar images were used.

It was premiered at the Adelaide Fringe 2012.
It was then performed at the Kyoto Prefectural Arts Theatre in October 2012.
The show in Kyoto was remade to fit a larger theatre space.
The show in Kyoto was sponsored by the VasantaMala Indian Dance Institute and supported by
the Kyoto City Government and the Indian Embassy.

The show was performed again in the Adelaide Fringe 2013.