Tokyo Fringe Festival

The 7th Tokyo Fringe Festival
2014 November 1-2
Prepare for a fantastic weekend.


Who are we? What are we?
We may never become as big as Edinburgh but being big is not really our goal. After researching the numerous other Fringe Festivals the world has to offer,
TFF has come to the conclusion that it likes being the fringe of the fringe!  So from now on, TFF will be open to everyone throughout the year. 
In other words, it no longer be a scheduled festival.  We think that life is a festival and it is up to us to "Make it Happen!"

So, with the warmest of Japanese hospitality, we welcome you! TFF is not just about putting on a show, it is also about sharing; communicating and collaborating.
We offer you a humble space to communicate with the world through your art, your thoughts and beliefs. And in the process, we hope you will take the opportunity to enjoy and learn a little about Japan. Most of all, we challenge you to try and perform to a predominantly non-english speaking audience! 
Applications are always open for theatre, dance, music, poetry reading, art installations, short films, workshops etc.

Be creative, be daring - accept the challenge and "Make it Happen!"