Tokyo Fringe Festival

1-2 November 2014


Programme at a glance
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Kundalini Tantra Yoga Workshop
Release your inner energy and power and gain awareness of your body and soul.

Beginners welcome.

Egiku Hanayagi

The story of the Princess of Judea who desires the head of John the Baptist.

Leofric Kingsford-Smith & Shakti

Bewitching Macbeth
Enchanting words woven with mesmerising movement.



2 in 1
Centre d'Arts Sans Frontieres & Nam Dance Theatre

Contemporary dance combined with theatre from Seoul.

Just an Old Fashioned Grrrrl
Danielle Asciak

Songs of Eartha Kitt featuring oodles of sexually charged haughtiness.


Helga Handfull
Helga Handfull Entertains
Demure and satirical German mistress
of ceremonies.




1001 Nights
Do you have a music you like?
You bring the music and have Shakti dance for you.


The Bottom of Water
Butoh dance directed and performed by Hiromi.
Music by Keisuke Takechi

photo credit: Makoto Onozuka


Rising Sun Theatre
Tokyo Vampire
Film directed and performed by Dwayne Lawler.
(english with japanese subtitles)

The 7th Tokyo Fringe Festival

TFF Leaflet

TFF Programme

Nov 1

1:00pm   Kundalini Tantra Yoga Workshop  
2:00pm   Salome

3:15pm   Bewitching Macbeth

4:30pm   2 in 1

***Wine break - glass wine service ***

5:30pm    Just an Old Fashioned Grrrrrl 

6:30pm    Helga Handfull- German Mistress of Ceremonies 

7:30pm    1001 Nights


Nov 2

1:00pm     Kundalini Tantra Yoga Workshop

2:00pm     Just an Old Fashioned Grrrrrl 

3:00pm     Helga Handfull- German Mistress of Ceremonies 

4:00pm     Bewitching Macbeth
***Wine break - glass wine service ***

5:00pm     1001 Nights 

6:00pm     The Bottom of Water

6:30pm     Tokyo Vampire



TFF 2 day PASS - 5000 yen

Entry to all shows.

An array of international shows of all varieties.
Language will not be a problem.
Come enjoy the shows in an intimate theatre.
Meet the artists and have a wonderful time.

Some shows are only on for one day so don't miss them.

Buy tickets through Paypal.

TGI 2 Day Pass 5000 yen
TFF Shows

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