Shakti & The VasantaMala Dance Company

Shakti Artistic director



a cat lover!


VasantaMala The overall boss and grand guru of the VasantaMala Dance Company

Kumiko Takayama Dancer

Administration - Tokyo office

Reiko Sakai


Administration - Tokyo office

Fumiko Inamori Dancer

Teacher - Kyoto

Fumiko Shimayama Dancer
Teacher - Kyoto

Mayura Nishimura Dancer

Yuko Yamaguchi Dancer (1959-2007)

Venon Kawashima Technical manager

Jorg Hacker Managing director

Husband - Jorg

VasantaMala Dance Company was founded in 1980 by Shakti.
The Company has traveled around the world
and have performed in various festivals and theatre.

Currently it is based in Tokyo but continues its global activities.

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